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Free SSL Certificate with Unlimited cPanel Web Hosting

SSL-CertificateLet your users feel secure when they visit your website. Giving away high discounts won’t be enough. One thing that can hold back the visitors from buying your product is the absence of an SSL certificate. Having an SSL will make your visitors feel safe and encourage them to browse your site or make transactions.

An SSL certificate will also boost your SEO rankings. With so many visitors visiting your site, let them feel safe when they browse your site so that they will buy products from you. This leads to higher sales and conversion rate. All your efforts to rank your website higher in search engines are in vain, if your website doesn't have an SSL certificate. The search engine considers the SSL certificate as an important factor while ranking your website. An SSL certificate takes your rankings to the next level.

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Why your website need an SSL certificate?

Google likes a secure website. Search engines are cracking down on websites that are perceived as "not secure." For instance, Google has recently announced that SSL is an important part of its ranking factor. So, unless you have an SSL Certificate, your target customers will have a hard time locating your website, which will ultimately affect your traffic and your profitability.
Increase your website SEO rankings on Google and other search engines with the free SSL certificate you get with our web hosting plans.
Free SSL will ensure your website is safe and your clients can trust you.

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6 reasons to get FREE SSL Certificate for your website

Secured Website

An SSL certificate will encrypt all the information that is exchanged between a visitor and the server. It ensures that every packet that is transferred remains unexposed to any attacker.

Brand Reputation

Your customers may become conscious when transactions are involved on your site. If an SSL is installed on your site, they feel safe and don’t hesitate in making transactions.

Improved SEO Ranking

It was officially announced by Google that sites with SSL will be given priority in search engine rankings. Installing SSL on your website will serve you SEO ranking benefits.

Increase traffic and sales

With increased rankings, you will see a great number of audiences visiting your site. This ultimately increases the chances of increased revenue.

Secured Badge

Browsers like Google Chrome will mark your website as ‘Not Secure’, if it is not secured with an SSL. This flag on your website can set a negative impression on your visitors.

Green SSL PadLock

A tiny green lock in your browser before the URL shows your visitors that your site is secure and their data is safe. The ‘s’ in https shows that your site is secure in all languages.

Free SSL certificate FAQs

What is an SSL certificate?

A free SSL certificate is a security precaution for the online communication between your web browser and your secured website.

The SSL certificate enables an encrypted connection between the two, ensuring the back and forth of information is protected and bulletproof from unauthorized threats.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

You need an SSL certificate if you are accepting credit card payments online through a merchant account. Even the authorities like credit card associations and networks make it a necessity for you to have an SSL certificate. This is because there is a transmission of critical information like card number, card holder’s name, card expiration date, CVV code etc. Getting an SSL certificate involved is an important aspect of making your website PCI compliant. Moreover, an informed customer knows about website security and before making any purchase from your website, he / she confirms if your shopping cart is secure. You might lose out on potential customers if you have not secured your website with an SSL certificate.

What is an SSL certificate used for?

The main reasons why you will need an SSL certificate are mentioned below:

1. The most common reason is to secure the credit card payments done on your website
2. For securing the confidential information you are dealing with while it is accessed through the web
3. If you offer a login or sign in on your website
4. To process the sensitive data like address, license, birth date or ID numbers
5. If you need to comply with privacy policies and security requirements (HIPAA, PCI Compliance)

SSL certificates also help in terms of safeguarding your passwords from being intercepted as they are typed into a secured login page.

How can I get a free domain and SSL both?

CAISC offers a free domain name registration and SSL with all cPanel web hosting plans. You can get started with web hosting and a free domain name with SSL for just ₹40/month.

So once you've decided your perfect domain name, don't delay - sign up today and get it.

Where can I get a free SSL certificate?

You can get a free SSL certificate by selecting one of CAISC's shared hosting plans. If you already have a website, we automatically Install Free SSL From Let's Encrypt on Shared Hosting.

Is a free SSL certificate safe?

Free SSL is safe. This certificate offers the highest level of encryption and can offer your site immediate access results. Do not let the “free” part of the proposition fool you. Free SSL certificates offer the same level of protection as paid ones.

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