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Domain name search We offer everything from flexible hosting plans to free SSL certificates, website builder, feature packed control panel for running your website smoothly. To make your life easier, we've made it simple to set up these services and get your website going.

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  • .com  845/yr
  • .net  975/yr
  • .org  980/yr
  • .biz  390/yr
  • .in  475/yr
  •  350/yr

Why You Should Register with Us

Hassle-free Process

Own a domain in just a few simple steps. Check your desired domain’s availability, complete your payment, and the domain will be registered for you.

Easier Management

Your hosting accounts and domains will all be under your CAISC account. This allows you to control and manage your services in one client area.

Complete Control

We do not register client domains under our name. Your domain will be registered under your name and you will have complete control over it.

No Hidden Fees

Many other registrars advertise a certain price and ask you to pay a different amount at checkout. With CAISC, you pay the price we advertise.

Processed in Minutes

Your order will be processed and your domain will be registered as soon as we receive your payment, unless you do not pass our automated fraud check.

Whois Privacy Available

When you register your domain through CAISC, you will have the option to activate whois privacy for free.

Easy Domain Transfer

Our transfer process is automated, fast and risk-free, so you can be up and running quickly. Moving your domain happens mostly in the background, leaving you with more time to work on your next big thing.

Transfer your .com domain for ₹ 845 to us.
** Includes free renewal for a year. No Hidden charges!

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FREE Whois Privacy

The whois database is accessible by anyone on the internet. When you register a domain, details such as your name, email, phone, and address may be exposed to marketers, spammers, and scammers.

With whois privacy, your whois info will no longer be available to the public.
Protect your privacy today for FREE.

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Benefits of owning a domain!

1. Lets your visitors & customers find you easily.
2. Get better visibility and exposure on search engines.
3. Setup personalised Email addresses like
4. Register a keyword rich domain name and get an instant boost to your SEO efforts.
5. Prevent others from hijacking or squatting on your online identity.

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Domain Name Search FAQs

What can I do with my domain name?

Domain names can be used in a number of ways. Direct visitors to your website's home page this gives visibility to your online business and brand. Connect you customers with existing social media account, like your Twitter profile or Facebook Page. With a domain name you can even set up custom email addresses like, which can be used for business communication with your customers.

Should I register multiple extensions for the same domain?

Yes. When you register a domain extension, no one else can use it. So, if you've already got, it's a good idea to register and and redirect them back to your original site. This helps to avoid confusion and makes capturing visitors easier.

How do I choose the best domain name for my website?

We can give you some advice, that will help you pick the perfect domain name:

1. A good place to start is simply trying to search for a domain name that is your business name.
2. Aim for 6-14 characters domain name. Do remember the shorter, the better.
3. Use domain name generators. These tools can help you create a unique, brandable domain name.
4. Easy to pronounce: As easily as your domain name rolls off the tips of your fingers, it should roll off the tip of your tongue.
5. Avoid hyphens & numbers, Hyphens and numbers make it more difficult to pronounce and remember a domain name.

How can I get a free domain name?

CAISC offers a free domain name registration with all web hosting plans. You can get started with web hosting and a free domain name for just ₹40/month.

So once you've decided your perfect domain name, don't delay - sign up today and get it.

What do I do if a domain name is already taken?

There are three things that can help you in this situation: Firstly, you can try and look up a different TLD! A name might not be available as but you might find it as or

Secondly, a different combination of phrases might be in order. Find some more keywords that might suit your project. Our domain checker will help you with some suggestions based on the keywords!

Lastly, it might be a good idea to prepare some alternatives. With the massive amount of domain names registered each day, the one you really want might be taken, but the possibilities are endless for new ideas with new TLDs!

Are .com domains better for search engine optimization (SEO)?

No. All domain extensions are considered equal in the eyes of Google and there is no automatic preference given to a .com domain.

When checking to see if a domain exists, it's important to note whether a large and recognizable company has the .com - if it does, this can hurt your search results. It can also open you up to a potential trademark battle.

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